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Internal vs External Rewinders

An alternative to External Rewinders is the Internal Rewinder. Available on Midrange and Industrial printers, Internal Rewinders can be used to gather entire printed rolls onto a take-up spool located inside the printer. Contact our sales agents to determine whether an External or Internal Rewinder will work best for you.

rewinder basics
Internal Rewinder Basics

Internal rewinders can be an alternative to external rewinders. Industrial printers, equipped with this option are often limited to a 5-inch maximum diameter. Some models are capable of holding up to an 8-inch roll.

Internal rewinders may also be purchased as an installable option. They will however need to be installed by a professional technician. Certain models are able to be self-installed. Please call to learn more.

Internal Rewinding Options

Internal Rewinders offer two versions of gathering complete printed rolls or using the printer as an individual label feeding system.

  1. Complete labels rewound onto a 3" core for later application. Internal take-up spools will receive a 3-inch core in these printers.
  2. Label liner can be gathered onto the Internal rewinder spool to gather onto and neatly thrown away. These printers are equipped with a Peeler that allows the labels to be separated from the liner and fed one-at-a-time.

Some printer models are capable of doing both. Contact a sales person for model numbers.

External Rewinders

External Rewinders offer a unique alternative to Internal 0, including the ability to rewind label rolls 8-inch to 12-inch. One rewinder can be used with multiple printers, individually. The variable tension controls have a wide range of adjustments to match different label stock.

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