How to Clean Electronics Plastic Housing

Proper care and wipe-down for most electronics
How to protect against COVID-19 and other viruses

Healthcare is by far the most critical industry in which hand-washing and device cleaning is mandatory. Non-healthcare industries can look up their User Guides for exact support. Please note "cleaning" and "disinfecting" are not interchangeable terms.

Note: there is no one-size fits-all solution approach to cleaning

General Guidelines

These guidelines use different combinations of isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, germicidal disposable wipes and other cleaning solutions.

Zebra Technologies has provided detailed PDF's for cleaning their Scanners, Printers and Mobile Devices.

  • You can use a solution water-isopropyl solution should always be spritzed onto a microfiber cloth, then rubbed on to the mobile computer, keyboard, laptop, scanner … Make sure the cloth is damp but not wet.
  • Do not spray directly on a device.
  • If you insist on using a cleaner, spray it onto a microfiber cloth, make sure the cloth is only damp, not wet. Then, gently wipe the keyboard and mouse, but never the screen.
  • These cleaners may damage your device, depending on the device type. Do not use: glass cleaner, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, bleach, makeup remover, solvents, powdered cleansers and disinfectant wipes, sanitizing gel.

Always turn off the device before you start cleaning and give it a wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. Take extra care to avoid too much pressure on computer screens, and use a smooth, steady pressure on your laptop keyboard to avoid dislodging the keys as you wipe.

Finally, when cleaning electronics with cases like cell phones or mobile computers, make sure you remove the case and give that a good cleaning too. How often you clean depends on how much you use your devices, but weekly is generally a good idea and some people should probably clean their phones daily. Washing your hands properly and frequently, of source, is also part of the equation. Keep safe!

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