Confidex Smart Ticketing

Our innovation, high quality products and turnkey industry solutions have made Confidex the leading supplier of contactless smart tickets globally, producing 15 million tickets per month. Why Contactless Ticketing? 

Confidex contactless smart tickets have been specially designed for large scale ticketing applications in public transport, access control and parking. With advanced materials and proven in-house large volume production technology they offer a cost efficient and durable ticket media with high use of comfort. High reliability together with different security and memory capabilities Confidex contactless smart tickets enable operators to reduce cost, generate new revenues, and innovate new services.

While the worldwide demand for smart cards and contactless ticketing solutions continues to grow, we are pleased to offer the widest range of capabilities to meet the requirements of today’s Smart Mobility applications:

    - Contactless smart tickets for public transportation
    - Smart keys and visitor badges for hotel, estate, site or office access
    - Contactless event or tourist tickets
    - Ski passes
    - Personal identification e.g. citizen cards, membership cards, student cards
    - e-money and pre-paid cards
    - Contactless parking tickets


RF / Standards: ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693, MIFARE, ISO 15457
Contactless chip: NXP, Infineon, ST Microelectronics, EM Microelectronic
Memory: from 256bit up to 8k bytes EEPROM

    UID (unique identification number)
    OTP (one time programmable memory)
    Write and/or read protection
    Optional: cryptographic certificate, 3DES dynamic authentication

    Size: ISO 54x86mm, special sizes on request
    Thickness: from 250um to 480um
    Delivery form: reel, fanfold, single cut, carnet (booklet)

    Customer specific printed artwork, thermal paper
    Ink-jet post printing: UID, incremental continuous serial number, barcode
    Customer specific electrical encoding: certificates, fares, values, validity dates etc.
    Customer specific data log files
    Further services on request

Materials: Paper / PET inlay / paper, full PET (thin PET card)

Durability: Robust, high immunity to flexion

Life time: Designed for short and long term use, from single use to 1 year in operation

NOTE: some technical indications may be specific to the selected contactless IC.

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