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Impinj Reader Chip/SiPs

Indy Reader Chips/SiPs

The Impinj Platform includes the Indy RAIN RFID reader chip family, which is based on award-winning technology acquired from Intel Corporation. These radio chips and supporting software provide a platform for designing a wide range of devices that embed RAIN RFID read/write capability. Indy chips enable market-leading performance, lower system costs, and reduce design complexity.

Indy RS2000 RFID Reader SiP

Ideal for inventory management, asset tracking, industrial automation and more, the Indy RS2000 reader SiP (system in package) lowers the cost and complexity of embedding RAIN RFID reader capability into products. Ideal for moderate to long read ranges and large tag populations, the Indy RS2000 SiP's small form factor enables a diverse range of embedded applications.

Indy RS500 RAIN RFID Reader SiP

The Indy RS500 reader system in package (SiP) is a completely integrated reader solution in a small surface mount package. The Indy RS500 is the easiest read SiP on the market: just solder it and start reading tags. Ideal for moderate to short read range of small tag populations, the Indy RS500 SiP's small form factor enables a diverse range of embedded applications.

Indy R500 RAIN RFID Reader Chip

The Indy R500 radio chip integrates up to 90% of the components in a traditional discrete reader design and is the base model of the Indy reader chip family. The Indy R500 shares the same modem and transmitter with the Indy R2000 but has limited Rx sensitivity and interference rejection. The Indy R500 reader chip.

Indy R1000 RAIN RFID Reader Chip

The Indy R1000 chip, as the world's most deployed reader chip, is the industry workhorse. Based on technology acquired from Intel Corporation, it supports a full range of RAIN RFID readers from handheld readers to high speed printers to long-range portal readers. The Impinj Indy R1000 RAIN RFID reader chip.

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