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Impinj RFID Tag Chips

The Monza Tag Chip Family

The Monza family of chips deliver high performance, flexible memory options, and extended features to RAIN RFID tags and can be embedded into items. Monza tag chips provide superior readability and range, support high-speed encoding and chip-based serialization, and offer exceptional quality and reliability.

Monza R6-P RFID Tag Chips

The Monza ® R6-P RAIN RFID tag chip is optimized for serializing items such as apparel, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jewelry and various other products. The chips support privacy, loss-prevention and brand protection capabilities for retailers and brand owners. Monza R6-P also delivers the industry's longest read range, fastest encoding speed and outstanding data integrity.

Monza S6-C RFID Tag Chip

Monza ® S6-C tag chips provide high performance and a fail-safe, one-way counter that is ideal for secure ticketing and consumable metering solutions. The Monza S6-C tag chip also includes automatic performance adjustments, self-diagnostics and durable construction methods that improve tag quality and reliability while decreasing costs associated with tagging.

Monza 5 RFID Tag Chip

With unique features, such as FastID inventory and TagFocus mode, that support fast authentication and facilitate the reading of difficult-to-reach tags, Monza 5 UHF RFID tag chips are the ideal solution for item level tagging applications that require high-volume, high-performance, serial-numbered tags.

Monza 4QT RFID Tag Chips

The Monza 4QT RFID tag chips deliver unique privacy, performance, and memory benefits that address even the most challenging RFID applications. Monza 4QT also provides excellent sensitivity, interference rejection and support for omnidirectional antennas.

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