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RFID Printing & Encoding Service

Simplify Your Process

RFID tags typically come with a 24 character hexadecimal tag value, but not in your desired format. Because RFID tags are used to identify specific assets, most RFID tags need to be encoded with data before they can be used.

BarcodeFactory offers encoding and printing of RFID hard tags and printing and encoding on RFID labels. We can encode any RFID tag and offer labeling services including the addition of a common value barcode on RFID tags.

How BarcodeFactory Can Help
  • Encoding RFID tags with your preferred data
  • Printing/encoding barcodes to label your tags
  • Printing images on your tags
Common Questions
What will be the lead time for my order?

Lead time varies depending on the type of tag or label, quantity and your encoding requirements. Contact us for estimates on lead time for your specific order.

What data will be encoded to my RFID Tags?

If you purchase custom printing and encoding, BarcodeFactory will encode 24 digits of hexadecimal characters to the RFID tag's EPC memory. The data can be sequential, or we can add values like letters to help identify assets or areas that are specific to your operation.

Can I have human-readable data printed on the tags?

In addition to having the 24 character number printed on the label, we can add text to help identify the asset name, class, business or any other requirement.

BarcodeFactory Quality Guarantee

All RFID tags and labels are checked and read to ensure accuracy. We will work with you to make your RFID integration as easy as possible.

We can manage the entire process from concept to installation. Since 1994, Paragon has offered clients worldwide with cutting edge technology designed to improved productivity and reduce operational cost. Fill out the form below, or call us at 888-237-8525, to discuss your RFID application. Be sure to mention any special requirements when discussing your RFID application with your Account Manager.

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