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NEMA Enclosure for RFID Readers

Protect your RFID Reader at entrance gates and outdoor installations with a NEMA rated enclosure.

Custom-built enclosures with multiple options are available as part of your RFID project or as individual units.

RFID Reader Enclosures

Entrance and exit points of any business provide a perfect location for reading incoming and outgoing RFID tags. Multiple RFID Antennae are positioned to capture signals on both sides of a gateway and hard-wired to a Reader, typically in close proximity. Barcode Factory custom creates NEMA rated RFID enclosures to fit any application. First we size the cabinet and its construction material to the specific application. Then depending on the installation include other required accessories.

RFID Signal Capture Evidence

A popular option for these enclosures is a signal light. This provides visual and audible evidence that tags have been read. We use a very bright Neon strobe that can be seen in sunlight. The signal light can be directly mounted to the cabinet or wired through conduit to a location of your choice.

RFID Reader Safety

To protect the Reader standard enclosures include and in-line Ethernet Surge Protector, water-tight cable glands and power supply ports. Southern locations with extreme heat are vented using an industrial grade fan controlled by a thermostat. Two particle and bug-proof vents provide a circulated flow of air to keep the Reader and power supply from over-heating the enclosure. Safety locking hinges are also available.

Enclosure Mounting

Our installation team will work with your maintenance staff to ensure proper NEMA enclosure installation. We proved mounting brackets for pole-mounts, wall mounts and articulating mounts to position Antennae at the best angle for reading tags.

NOTE: AutoCube integration with Multi carrier shipping software ProShip and UPS WorldShip are currently under development.

Possible Enclosure Options
  • Air Vents.
  • Industrial Cooling Fans with Thermostat.
  • Ethernet Surge protection.
  • Signal Lights- Box mounted or Pole mounted.
  • Electrical conduit and RJ5 gland connectors.

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