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BPA-Free Certified Thermal Labels

Food Industry Labels for Indirect Exposure to Food

Barcode Factory offers BPA-certified label materials that comply with FDA regulations for indirect exposure to food. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics, which are often used in food and beverage containers. BPA has been used in plastic and resin manufacturing for over fifty years, as well as in the manufacturing of labels and receipt paper as a color developer. BPA can seep into foods, so BPA-free labels are required for incidental food contact.

Label Materials

The following label face stock and adhesive combinations are ideal for indirect food contact and FDA compliance:


The M-463 configuration is a direct thermal, visible light (VL) paper with a low-ion topcoating. The permanent general-purpose emulsion acrylic adhesive works well for corrugated and plastic surfaces. It works especially well for applications that require resistance to blood, fats, oils, or plasticizers found in PVC, alcohols, solvents and vinegar. FDA approved for indirect food contact. Download the M-463 certified document here.


The M-431 configuration is a direct thermal, uncoated VL label. It is general purpose and works best in dry conditions, as exposure to water, oils, alcohol and other contaminants can affect the thermal layer. It’s FDA approved for indirect food contact in applications where the adhesive is either separated from the food by a functional barrier or has only trace amounts of incidental contact. Download the M-431 certified document here.

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