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Durable Heat Resistant Labels, High Temperature Applications
Pre-Printed or Thermal Transfer Printed High-Temperature Labels

Heat-resistant labels are designed to withstand high heat during manufacturing or post-manufacturing. They can be used for engines, electronic circuit boards, solder, fluxes, solvents and chemicals.

Barcode Factory’s heat-resistant labels are ideal for durable goods and industrial labeling. Our heat-resistant label material is topcoated for excellent ink and barcode printing. They’re designed to be abrasion, chemical, and heat-resistant, as well as to meet UL/CSA standards. These labels are paired with a heat-resistant adhesive, which can be exposed to temperatures as high as 572° F for ten minutes.

Barcode Factory heat-resistant labels can be pre-printed digitally. We can also supply blank or pre-printed thermal transfer labels.

Heat-Resistant Label Uses:

  • Appliance labels
  • Manufacturing labels
  • Automotive labels
  • Circuit board labels
  • Electronic component labels

Heat-Resistant Materials:

  • 2 mil polyester. Withstands up to 280° F. For moderate heat applications
  • 2.4 mil white topcoated polyimide with a high-heat-resistant silicone adhesive and a 2.0 mil polyester liner
  • 1.4 mil white topcoated polyimide with a high-heat-resistant acrylic adhesive and a 65# blue glassine liner
  • 1.6 mil white topcoated polyetherimide with a heat-resistant acrylic adhesive and a 65# blue glassine liner
Please supply the following information:
  • To which material are these labels being directly applied?
  • What is the temperature of the material during label application? Is it ambient?
  • In the case of a heating chamber, what is its atmospheric composition? Will oxygen be present? Additionally, how quickly will the chamber reach its maximum temperature range? Different materials may be suitable depending on the rate of temperature increase.
  • How long will the material be exposed to a specific temperature (XX F)? Furthermore, how rapidly will the heating chamber reach its peak temperature of 1100°F or higher?
  • For tags, is a punch hole necessary, or is an adhesive backing preferred?

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