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How to Save on Thermal Labels

Make Labeling Easier

In 2019, thermal labels and ribbon media experienced several global price increases. With Barcode Factory’s buying power, not only did we keep price increases well below the national standard; for many clients, we held or lowered our costs. Listed below are some of our methods for doing so.

Annual Buying Contract

Many of our clients lock into the lowest-end column price based on annual usage. We’re able to hold prices through a contract period, regardless of industry changes in cost. We also offer lower pricing on each shipment.

  • Prices based on annual usage, not individual orders
  • Eliminates stock outages. We guarantee on-hand inventory for your label or ribbon requirements
  • Stocking at our closest distribution center to your location(s) reduces shipping costs

Core Size Matters

Desktop thermal printers use a smaller, one-inch core. While convenient, these roll labels are not as economical as three-inch core roll labels. A three-inch core roll won’t fit inside a desktop printer; however, it can be fed through the open slot in the back of most desktop printers, although this requires an external roll holder.

  • 475 labels on a one-inch core vs. 1,000 labels on a three-inch core
  • Three-inch core labels cost less than one-inch core labels

In the example above, we compare a 4 x 6 shipping label. Many of our clients use a four-inch outer diameter (OD) roll with 250 labels per roll, or a five-inch OD with 475 labels per roll. Changing to a three-inch core size at 1000 labels per roll reduces the per each label cost by 35 % or more.

External Roll Holders

A simple plastic spooling device is available for many desktop printers. This inexpensive attachment feeds larger label rolls through the open slot in the back of the printer, saving potentially hundreds per year. Fanfold labels also feed through the exterior hole. See the many alternatives for feeding labels below.

Label Unwinders

In order to print on rolls larger than a printer can handle, a label unwinder is necessary to feed your printer. Metal unwinders can hold up to twelve-inch outside-diameter rolls, due to their weight and more durable build. Non-powered unwinders allow the label to unwind as they print, while powered unwinders use an internal brake to hold tension on the feed roll, allowing for faster print speeds. Talk with a representative about which unwinder suits your needs.

Case Quantities

Ordering single rolls can come with case-breaking surcharges plus shipping. Low usage customers always save more money by ordering one or two cases, even if those labels last into the next year. Large volume customers will want to call Barcode Factory to discuss their usage.

  • Annual usage contracts save the most on labels and ribbons
  • We will hold your labels until you need them

Clear Liner

Standard thermal roll label liner is thrown away, creating waste. Clear label liner was developed as a recyclable alternative, as well as providing additional benefits. The reduced thickness of clear liner allows for less density and more labels per roll, which allows you to ship more labels. The MSRP price is also extremely competitive when compared to standard labels, and multiple cases will cost less to ship due to the lowered density.

  • Recyclable liner
  • More labels per roll
  • Less weight and lower shipping costs

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