IFCO Certified Labels for RPC Containers
Food Container Approved Labels

Barcode Factory supplies IFCO Certified label material for Reusable Plastic Containers (RPC) used in the food industry. Only certain adhesives and substrates meet the rigid requirements of the food industry when applied to RPC containers. The Barcode Factory label experts supply labels that meet all specifications for optimal transport packaging of fresh products.

Label compliance is a business-critical item within the IFCO System, and the RPC industry at large.
Barcode Factory supplies the correct labels (i.e. approved substrates/adhesive combinations) that are required for use on IFCO Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs).

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IFCO Direct Thermal - Polypropylene Film, 140 LDS/LES 
IFCO 4" x 2" DT, Polypropylene, IFCO Certified, RPC Container Label, Ricoh 140LDS/LES, AT333 Adhesive, 3" Core, 3000 Per Roll, 4 Rolls Per Case, Sold Per Case, 54 Cases Per Skid.
Minimum quantity is 10 cases. 

IFCO Thermal Transfer - Synthetic White Matte BOPP Film, Technicote 992601 
IFCO 4" x 2", TT, Synthetic IFCO Certified, RPC Container Label, Technicote 992601, AT333 Adhesive, 3" Core, 3000 Per Roll, 4 Rolls Per Case, Sold Per Case, 54 Cases Per Skid.
Minimum quantity is 10 cases. 

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There are an additional 6 IFCO Certified labels available. For your Custom PTI Quote click here.
Minimum quantity is 10 cases.




Label & Adhesive Specifications-

Only this exact combination of adhesive and substrates is approved for use. Using labels that are found to be out of specification by IFCO are sent cease and desist letters. Continued use of non-compliant labels that are also found to damage IFCO Systems assets and/or leave potentially hazardous residue and/or substrate fragments are held liable. Choosing a certified label for RPC's is critical, and Barcode Factory provides an economical and compliant choice of labels.



Dissolvable label washes off completely
IFCO research has identified labels which would be completely dissolvable in the wash process, and thereby eliminate the need for laborious scraping, and the costly loss of RPCs because of permanent label melding. A successful product was identified and has now been in use since 2015. A year later, Pederson reported that usage is starting to significantly increase, with several million of the dissolvable labels being used.
The dissolvable label cannot be used for certain products that come in contact with water, such as those requiring hydro cooling. The new label is showing good uptake for items such as the greenhouse sector, carrots, tree fruits, meat, and eggs.

IFCO Approved for use on these RPC Containers:

Black Lift Lock Crate
Black IFCO Series
Black Egg Crate
Meat Totes
Caja de Oro Crate
Label - Approved Placement - Guidelines (see below)
  • Should only be applied to the short panel end walls
  • Should not be applied on the long side panels, bottom or inside the RPCs
  • Do not wrap label around handle
  • Only one label should be applied to each RPC and cannot be any larger than 4” wide x 2” tall (inches)
  • If using larger RPC, label should be placed on dimpled areas not on corner locks
  • Do not adhere labels under tines/card holder prongs, this is for cardstock only that is not glued to the RPC
  • For 6408, 6411 and 6413 only a film label may be used, not paper
  • Do not apply oversized pallet labels directly to RPCs but instead to the outer shrink wrap
  • PTI Labels Solutions Page

Approved IFCO Label Placement Guidelines


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