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UL 969 Compliant Labels

What is UL 969? – Marking and Labeling Systems Performance Requirements

The UL 969 standards define the marking performance on adhesive labels, used for product identification that will be permanently marked. Label materials which meet compliance with the Marking and Labeling Systems requirements will meet UL's Component Certification Program. UL969 is also referred to as ANSI 969.

BarcodeFactory provides label materials and thermal transfer ribbons that meet UL 969 compliance. We have a wide range of permanent marking products for whatever surface is to be labeled to meet UL requirements, and under any condition of exposure. Compliance of a label system or material is based on the particular requirements in the standard covering the end product. We can help you find the right label product based on exposure and substrate the label is applied, regardless of the industrial setting.

Can I print my own UL Certified Labels?

The answer is yes. We provide blank UL certified labels and certified resin ribbons. Using the proper thermal transfer printer creates a system that is fully compliant. We can provide UL certification papers for the entire system. We can also pre-print UL labels for you.

Customer Benefit

Our experts can also help find the right label that both UL Certification category and Our clients benefit from our certified UL969 labels. You are guaranteed access to prequalified UL Recognized materials to use on your products, and you realize savings on time and costs involved when applying to UL for your own label recognitions. You will also be assured that your labels will meet exposure conditions of your application.

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