CSRUN11YVROL - TEKLYNX CODESOFT Enterprise Runtime Renewal

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TEKLYNX CODESOFT Enterprise Runtime Renewal CSRUN11YVROL
TEKLYNX CODESOFT Enterprise Runtime Renewal CSRUN11YVROL
TEKLYNX CODESOFT Enterprise Runtime Renewal

TEKLYNX CODESOFT Enterprise Runtime Renewal

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Software Version Renewals
Software Users Single User Print Only
Software Type Download Subscription Cloud-Based Virtual Machine

Product Highlights

CODESOFT Enterprise Runtime (Print Only), Must be Used in Conjunction with a Full Design, Version 1-Year Subscription Renewal, Includes SMA, VM Compatible

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Virtual Machine
Single User

NEW Features for CODESOFT 2022

The introduction of OneDrive & Google Drive connections make it easy for you and the people in your organization to access your label data. Connections from online sources and your company’s central databases enable a smoother data transfer to make your process faster and more efficient.


    Pull data directly from OneDrive or Google Drive for easier connection between your data and label elements

    Store labels on OneDrive & Google Drive for central label storage through the web

    Interface designed specifically to make printing from your Windows tablet easier

    Connect the counter function to an external data source for advanced serialization

    Access data on-demand from a website or cloud based ERP systems for easier connectivity

    Create a better user experience and workflow that reduces the number of labeling errors

    Store your images in your database for a more streamlined connection

    Added elements on the print form for more dynamic print previews


For complex labeling requirements

CODESOFT is an enterprise-level barcode label creation and integration software offering unmatched flexibility, power, and support. Available in print engine, standalone, and network configurations, CODESOFT is designed to meet all of your labeling needs. Whether your goal is managing assets and resources, controlling distribution channels and stock levels, tracking documents, or managing data records, CODESOFT provides a solution for your organization’s most advanced labeling needs.

TEKLYNX Subscription Licensing is available for CODESOFT. Subscription Licensing is the best option for maximum flexibility and long term value. The upfront cost of a CODESOFT subscription license is lower, and it includes more value than ever before.

Note: To run CODESOFT on a virtual machine, a CODESOFT VM license is required.

  • Keep your software up to date, without spending extra time or money.
  • Easily understand software costs for simplified and predictable budgeting.
  • Take advantage of unlimited access to software maintenance, technical support, and training webinars.


  • Easy to Use - Intuitive interface allows you to quickly become comfortable and efficient using the application.
  • Powerful - 100+ barcode symbologies allow you to easily comply with industry standards.
  • Connectivity - CODESOFT supports complex integration with databases and other business systems.
  • RFID - CODESOFT offers support for RFID label creation and native printer drivers for 300+ RFID capable printers.


How can CODESOFT help solve your business challenges?

  • Design Complex Labels Easily - CODESOFT is an advanced label design application that gives you the ability to easily design a label, connect to a database, or add complex barcodes such as HIBC or GS1 using CODESOFT’s intuitive interface and wizards.
  • Increase Efficiency - With CODESOFT’s flexibility, you can easily integrate label printing and RFID technology into your business processes, increasing both efficiency and control. Adding CODESOFT to business processes is simple with its intelligent interface, helpful wizards, and simple database connections
  • Grow Your Business - As your labeling needs grow to require faster printing, more control, and process automation, leverage CODESOFT’s integration with TEKLYNX’ enterprise solutions: SENTINEL for label print automation, LABEL ARCHIVE for label security and traceability, and TEKLYNX CENTRAL for centralized label management.

Edition Comparison

Which edition of CODESOFT is right for your labeling needs?

CODESOFT Pro is a great starting point to meet your immediate labeling needs. It is only available as a single user license and is limited to 3 printers.

CODESOFT Enterprise has unlimited printer support and is available as a single user, Network (multi-user), or Runtime (print only) version.

Note: To run CODESOFT on a virtual machine, a CODESOFT VM license is required.

Graphic & native barcodes × ×
TCP/IP printing × ×
OLE and ODBC support × ×
Hidden (unprintable) objects × ×
Unicode font support × ×
Printer code converter × ×
Label password protection ×  
Add a variable offset to a date × ×
User-defined printing log file ×  
ActiveX × basic
Directly modify printer code (Job Modifier) × ×
Customizable data input screens (Form Designer & Form Viewer) ×  
Define different styles within one field (Tagged Text Management) ×  
Print documents containing more than one database record (GridField) ×  
RFID ×  

Is CODESOFT your solution?

CODESOFT is ideal for highly complex labeling environments.

Companies who use CODESOFT have complex label design and integration needs within an enterprise environment. CODESOFT users may require connection to SQL or Oracle databases, RFID printing, and VB scripting to trigger print jobs. Their labeling process includes strict approval rules that must be followed before labels can be printed.

Companies who use CODESOFT typically have:

  • Over 10 printers
  • Significant number of users
  • Multiple production lines and locations
  • Third-party suppliers who print their labels
  • Lean manufacturing initiatives
  • Compliance regulations
  • Business system integration
  • Color labeling requirements
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