BA420TGS12QMSM01 - Toshiba BA420 TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

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Toshiba BA420 TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] BA420TGS12QMSM01
Toshiba BA420 TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] BA420TGS12QMSM01
Toshiba BA420 TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

Toshiba BA420 TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

Weight: 26.5 lbs.

Printer Type Midrange
Print Technology Thermal Transfer
Interface Bluetooth USB Ethernet USB-A
dpi (dots per inch) 203dpi
Core Size 3.00 inch
Printer Options LCD Display
Max Media Width 4.0-4.9 inch

Product Highlights

Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Mid-Range Printer, 4-Inch Wide, 203 DPI, Plastic Case, 8-Inches Per Second, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet

Toshiba BA400 Series

Mid-Range Printer

The Toshiba BA400 series is the first in the next generation of products launched with an entirely new software platform.  Built on the renowned mechanical platform of its predecessor, the BA400 series retains all the superb reliability and robustness.  The new powerful processor further enhances the printer’s performance whilst future-proofing your investment.  Improved connectivity with built-in Bluetooth for easy integration with mobile Android and iOS applications.

The Ever-Changing Workplace

Delivering Reliability to Meet Future Challenges

Every business is unique. That’s why Toshiba offers the most reliable print solutions that meet all your labelling requirements, day after day. Toshiba barcode printers provide connectivity and solutions to adapt to an ever-changing workplace to maximise your productivity.

Toshiba’s barcode printers continue to deliver on our promise of Together Information – our commitment to collaborate with clients to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions that meet your evolving workplace needs.

The Evolution of Barcode Printing

Redefinition of the BA400 series

For over 30 years Toshiba has developed innovative industry leading products. Now with the launch of the BA400 series a new direction is taken in the development of cutting-edge products.

New System platform with advanced connectivity

The BA400 series is the first of a next generation of product that comes with a totally new CPU and OS platform. This platform adds not only performance but extends the connectivity and adaptability of the BA400 series to meet the challenges of an ever-changing workplace.

Applications and environments

The BA400 series’ clamshell design for front-loading ensures smooth drop-in media loading, suitable for versatile applications. The BA410 with its metal case is suited for rugged manufacturing environments, whereas the BA420 with its small footprint and plastic case suits workplaces where space is a premium, such as offices or retail shops.

Superior features

The BA400 series comes with a wide range of features and options to meet your individual needs.

  • New system platform and processor technology for increased efficiency and productivity.·
  • Print language emulation ensures compatibility and easy integration into complex IT systems.·
  • Optional Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) for improved wireless network connectivity.·
  • NFC pairing for on-demand connections via Bluetooth.

Fit for Future Trends

Enhanced Productivity

Printing is a mission critical element of any business. At Toshiba we have improved the BA400’s productivity by increasing the maximum print speed to 8 inches per second, a 25% increase on the B-SA4 series. At the same time the renowned reliability eliminates almost any downtime – even in harsh environments.

Future-ready operating system

The redesigned OS platform supports multi print language emulation, which enables simple integration into complex IT environments. This extensible OS architecture ensures it will keep pace even with the latest technology standards and requirements.

RFID encoding

Toshiba’s unique RFID technology is now incorporated into our mid-range printer series, opening a wide-range of new applications across multiple markets. Thanks to this future-proof option and many more features, the BA400 series offers solutions that are usually reserved for industrial printers only

Mobility & connectivity

The new OS platform meets the increasing requirements of mobile operators. By replicating the tools used in the Toshiba mobile printer range, operators can easily use their handheld devices to print to, configure, and control the BA400 series. NFC pairing allows easy on-demand Bluetooth connection. The dual Wi-Fi module option for 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz wireless networks ensures exceptionally broad and reliable connections.

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