DB-EA4D-GS12-QM-R - Toshiba DB-EA4D DT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

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Toshiba DB-EA4D DT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] DB-EA4D-GS12-QM-R
Toshiba DB-EA4D DT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] DB-EA4D-GS12-QM-R
Toshiba DB-EA4D DT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

Toshiba DB-EA4D DT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

Weight: 19 lbs.

Printer Type Desktop
Print Technology Direct Thermal Only
Interface USB Ethernet Parallel USB-A
dpi (dots per inch) 203dpi
Core Size 3.00 inch
Max Media Width 4.0-4.9 inch

Product Highlights

Direct Thermal Only Barcode Printer, 2-Sided, 4-Inch Max Print Width, 203 DPI, USB/Ethernet/Parallel Connectivity.

The Barcode Factory does not guarantee open box returns with hardware purchased through Toshiba TEC.

Toshiba TEC DB-EA4D

Compact and Multi-purpose 2-sided Label Printing Solution


Toshiba can offer a total solution including a full range of approved media, labels, consumables and cleaning products.

A support network in the majority of countries provides essential peace of mind that - once installed - the printers will be serviced and maintained by experienced engineers and service staff.


Toshiba is committed to the design and manufacture of products that reduce environmental impact, creating environmental quality standards for each product and prescribing them with the highest levels required by the industry.


  • Reduced costs - labels/receipts, storage, shipping
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Environmentally friendly - use of backing paper
  • Easy to use and operate
  • High performance
  • Less user intervention so staff can be utilised more efficiently
  • Range of possible applications are endless!

The compact, rugged and robust DB-EA4D double-sided label printer has been designed to offer a low-cost and green solution for applications requiring dual output. With user-friendly operation and high-speed printing, this innovative technology provides a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional single-sided solutions.


Today's labeling solutions create waste by the need to throw away the backing paper.

In the with its ever more green endeavors Toshiba has addressed this issue by developing the DB-EA4D 2-sided direct thermal printer which adds value and usability to a label's backing paper, or the back of a ticket, by printing directly onto it.


The solid design and small footprint ensures the printer has the flexibility to operate in any environment or application, from diverse manufacturing requirements to confined retail and logistical operations

The label and backing paper are printed simultaneously, facilitating fast output of labels and receipts with speeds up to 6ips.


Using parcel deliveries as an example, the address label for a delivery can be printed at the same time as the delivery's packing list is printed on the label's backing paper.

Dual-sided printing offers various savings aside from the lower media costs, e.g. reducing storage space and shipping costs as fewer label or receipts are required.


The intuitive LCD back lit menu allows simple user operation, supported by colour LED notification lights (using colours distinguishable by the visually impaired). Auto-feed functionality enables trouble-free quick paper-loading, and easy maintenance is facilitated with tool-less replacement of key components like the print-head and platen roller.


The DB-EA4D is available with paper roll holder options, further enhancing the flexibility and range of applications for printing. With Bartender as standard and the option to download enhanced software, the user can easily design the label to meet the requirements of the business.


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