HSP100 - Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi]

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Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi] HSP100
Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi] HSP100
Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi] HSP100
Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi] HSP100
Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi] HSP100
Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi] HSP100
Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi]

Toshiba HSP100 DT Printer [203dpi]

Weight: 3 lbs.

Printer Type Receipt
Print Technology Direct Thermal Only
Interface USB
dpi (dots per inch) 203dpi
Core Size 1.00 inch
Max Media Width 3.0-3.9 inch
Color Black

Product Highlights

Point-of-Sale Receipt Printer, Toshiba HSP100, 3-Inch Roll Diameter, 203 DPI, 10 Inches Per Second, IP21, USB, Power Supply Required, Includes: 2 Year Depot Exchange Warranty Contract

Toshiba HSP100 Compact Point-of-Sale Receipt Printer

Made to keep up with the demands of today's fast-paced businesses, Toshiba's reliable HSP100 printer is a hospitality-grade, splash-resistant, compact point-of-sale receipt printer that's easy to use, maintain and integrate. Your bar and restaurant staff face enough challenges without having to spend extra time repairing and maintaining their hardware. The HSP100 delivers a robust combination of printer software and hardware, providing a reliable, future-proof POS printing solution.

Durable, High-Performing Point-of-Sale Printer

  • Point-of-Sale Receipt Printers
  • Splash-Resistant (IP21 Certified)
  • Easy-to Use, Maintain and Integrate
  • High Print Quality
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • Paper Management and Anti-Jam Technology

The reliable HSP100 is an ideal printing solution for demanding environments, such as:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Concessions
  • Grocery
  • Banking
  • Payment
  • Healthcare

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-leading IP21 splash-resistant design - made to keep up with your bar and restaurant environment
  • Easy to integrate - plug-n-play emulation with compatible 24V power supply (hosiden 24V interface), which replaces other printers with ease
  • High-quality graphic printing - using True 16 grayscale multi-tone
  • Efficient power and paper management - for an eco friendly and ENERGY STAR compliant solution
  • Effortless part replacement minimizes downtime - making repairs fast and simple
  • Anti-jam technology - provides immediate-stop printing to protect the printer and rapidly recover from paper jams

Ready to Print, Anytime

When your business is running at top speed during peak times, the last thing you should worry about is whether your receipt printer is working. Now, you can print easily from your point-of-sale system with this stylish, compact and splash-resistant POS receipt printer designed for demanding hospitality environments such as bars and restaurants.

Built to Survive a Spill

Food and beverage establishments are demanding environments - particularly for a printer. That's why Toshiba TEC developed the HSP100 to be kitchen and workspace friendly with a splash-resistant casing and mainboard design. The HSP100 proves itself perfect for the tough workplace, earning the IP21 certification thanks to its protection against solids and liquids, including condensation.

Modern Stylish Design

Legacy receipt printer designs can be outdated and clunky, taking up too much valuable counter space. So, they designed the HSP100 with form and flexibility in mind. From fast integration to compact footprint, it's built to suit today's modern hospitality environments

  • Interchangeable top load or front load orientation
  • Dual USB + Serial or Ethernet connectivity
  • Operating system agnostic: choose the system that works best for your business
  • Multiple paper detection sensors: paper jam, paper low and paper out sensors

Quick and Effortless Serviceability

The HSP100 reduces downtime and cost with easy-to-service parts including:

  • Thermal printer head replacement
    • Simple serviceability with one-touch head replacement
    • Replace in as little as 15 seconds
  • Mainboard replacement
    • Sub-assemblies are easy to remove
    • Replace in as little as 4 minutes

Make the Most of Your Resources

Thanks to the HSP100's energy and paper-saving features, you can be confident that you are using an environmentally friendly printer that can help cut down on operational expenses. These resource saving features save paper and increase in-store uptime:

  • Reduce white space on the receipt with line reduction mode
  • Reduce top margin
  • ENERGY STAR certified/li>