SWMBL-EPC10400 - Unitech MoboLink 4.0 [Enterprise, OnPremise Subscription]

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Unitech MoboLink 4.0 [Enterprise, OnPremise Subscription] SWMBL-EPC10400
Unitech MoboLink 4.0 [Enterprise, OnPremise Subscription] SWMBL-EPC10400
Unitech MoboLink 4.0 [Enterprise, OnPremise Subscription]

Unitech MoboLink 4.0 [Enterprise, OnPremise Subscription]

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Unitech MoboLink 4.0

Device Management and Data Exchange Management

Visibility is crucial to the success of your business. Managing and updating devices can be difficult, especially when workers are on the move. In the face of constantly changing data, a system that keeps itself up-to-date is a powerful tool. MoboLink unites and keeps track of all of your devices securely so you can keep your company running full steam ahead.


  • Monitoring
  • Event Management
  • Application Management
  • Device Management
  • Backup Management
  • Remote Control
  • Location Management
  • StageGO Management
  • Historical Data
  • Android Enterprise

Unitech is a global AIDC device provider with over 40 years’ experience. Unitech offers a wide range of products such as enterprise mobile computers, rugged handheld PDAs, industrial tablets, barcode scanners, and RFID readers. We realize how important these devices to our customer business operation where the volume is increased along with the growth of their enterprise. Thus the need to effectively manage a large scale of devices becomes more and more crucial. We challenged ourselves to help our partners to improve the operational productivity by entering Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

MoboLink is a Google approved Enterprise Mobility Management solution that enables Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Mobile Content Management for Android devices. MoboLink supports Android Enterprise which provides complete corporate ownership using Device Owner mode, Google Play for Work portal to have corporate Play Store with only your approved applications within, application configuration to enforce corporate settings on work apps. MoboLink is also equipped with more than 400 comprehensive REST APIs for integrating EMM features with your business systems. MoboLink takes care of the complexity of EMM system and interface between server and device so customer’s developers only need to focus on the business logistics and increasing overall efficiency.


This package only consists of monitoring and event management. This is the basic model of MoboLink which is only used to monitor device status and setup some event condition to let IT admin to be aware of possible troubled devices.


This package provides the standard MDM features where customer can do device management and also monitor device status. In this level, IT admin can also do Remote control to the device which is very useful during device maintenance.


This package provides the full features of MoboLink v4.1 where IT admin not only able to do all MDM features, but also location tracking, device configuration, export device history for further analyze, and moreover to do Android Enterprise features.


MoboLink agent in the device can be configured to periodically sent device information to the server. The information covers device capability data collection such as battery, storage, location, and network informations; and also device usage collection such as low battery count, overheat count, reboot count, drop count, etc.

Event Management

IT admin can set up event rules, such as Low Battery, Battery Overheat, etc. When the condition is triggered, besides checking the event log, IT admin can also receive notification through mail, SMS, Line, or WeChat.

Application Management

Devices Applications and Firmware can be managed individually or as a group. When an application/firmware needs to be installed, upgraded, run, stopped, or even removed, admin can schedule those actions to all devices at one touch of the screen. With the kiosk feature, admin can also setup an application whitelist to enforce corporate security compliances.

Device Management

Based on the industrial proven OMA-DM standard, MoboLink Device Management can monitor and check device status in real-time and in a secured environment through the Web-based Management Portal. GPS info is one of the device status items. With the provided GPS info, IT admin can get the latest device location. Through MoboLink web-console, the device GPS info is displayed into map-based location using Google or Baidu Map services to help user to see device location easier.

When a device is lost, admin can also Lock and Wipe device information all at once. With Unitech’s manufactured hardware, the device features are controlled at the driver level to minimize security concerns with system tampering.

Backup Management

With Backup Management, admin may backup important files or the entire folder and its contents from all devices with just a few clicks. Restoring files and folders back to a device is as easy as backup. There is also an option to restore files to a group of devices all at once.

Remote Control

Admin can seamlessly access and control the desktop of your unitech devices through MoboLink web-management portal. This feature makes device repair and maintenance can be done easily and effectively from anywhere.

Location Management

To further enhance the device location information, MoboLink also supports location tracking and geofence. Using geofence feature, IT admin can define geofence areas and receive alert notifications when there are devices go in or out of the areas.

StageGO Management

StageGO has become an important and useful staging and configuration tool for Unitech devices. Therefore, MoboLink 4.1 integrates StageGO editor where IT admin can create and edit StageGO scripts. Furthermore, MoboLink can also dispatch StageGO scripts to device and remotely execute the script.

Historical Data

Using MoboLink, device can be configured to send its status periodically such as battery, location, connection info, and many more. This information is saved in the server, and it can be query and exported into csv file for further analysis.

Android Enterprise

With Android Enterprise Full Device Management there are more configurations that can be given to device since Device Owner mode is used by unitech app. Moreover, admin can also setup Google Play for Work portal offering a corporate Play Store with only approved application within. Android Enterprise allowed app to be configured remotely, make it easy to customize applications for immediate use on deployment without end-user configuration one by one. Last but not least, Android Enterprise also simplifies device enrollment process.

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