VRG22PL - VIRGO VRG22PL Finishing Systems

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VIRGO VRG22PL Finishing Systems

Weight: 400 lbs.

Part Type Rewinder Unwinder

Product Highlights

VIRGO media width 8.86” - Desktop Digital Label Finishing Systems

Virgo VRG22PL Desktop Digital Label Finishing Systems

The Virgo VRG22PL Digital Finishing System is a compact desktop finishing system that unwinds, laminates labels for durability, digitally die cuts, removes excess label material around each die-cut shape, slits and rewinds, offering you everything to professionally cut and finish labels.

The system provides a very accurate label finishing solution using cutting plotter technology with reduced dimensions. This allows you to cut different types of materials and shapes on the fly without the added cost of dies. The unit is also equipped with a cutter management tool that works in tandem with a camera forming an integrated optical black-mark registration system providing cutting speed optimization and avoiding synchronization issues.

The Virgo VRG22PL’s core features offer the user full flexibility, limitless variations in label design with a smooth workflow. This digital label finisher is truly the perfect on-demand short run label finishing solution for those using a digital colour label printers and presses.


  • Short run in-house label production reducing cost and inventory requirements
  • Producing full bleed labels will no longer be a nightmare
  • Laminating for labels added durability (no need for special media)
  • Laminating option for labels for added durability (no need for special media)
  • No need to order pre-die cut label rolls
  • Desktop size unit
  • No need to set up a minimum gap between labels when printing in full bleed (saves media)


This pressing roller positioned above the waste core holder facilitates the matrix removal from the die-cut roll, reducing the risk of tearing and ensuring more precise operation of the machine.


The new accessory designed to rewind the lamination’s liner will allow the use of the most modern and silent lamination rolls. Developed as an optional, it is possible to be purchased separately and installed subsequently when it is required thanks to the predisposition on Virgo units


Virgo software works together with a camera forming an integrated optical black-mark registration system. With this software, the operator can import the cutting files created on Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or Corel Draw which is also used to create the black marker. The Virgo is equipped with a camera used to detect the black-mark printed on the media. This camera assist the software in detecting the black-mark created inside the cutting file. This process tells the plotter when and where to start cutting the media.