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NMO (New Motorola Mount) Style Mounts

NMO (New Motorola Mount) Style Mounts are revolutionizing antenna installations. Offering secure, low-profile mounting for antennas on vehicles, they ensure reliable communication without compromising aesthetics. With their versatile design, NMO mounts are becoming the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing a sleek solution for antenna placement on any vehicle. Check our NMO Mobile collection that includes combination of NMO Mounts (Thru Hole NMO, Magnetic NMO Mount, Thick NMO Mount for Thick roofs, 3/8 Hole NMO mount), Connectors (PL259 / UHF, Mini UHF, BNC, SMA, TNC and many more connectors) and Cable (RG58, RG58A/U, RG8X, LMR200, RG8, ATX195).

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