RFD4031-G00B700-US - Zebra RFD40 UHF RFID Sled

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Zebra RFD40 UHF RFID Sled

SKU: RFD4031-G00B700-US
Weight: 1 lbs.

Form Factor Gun Style SLED
Scanner Type No Scanner
Form Factor Handheld
Scanner Includes Scanner Only [No Cable]
Interface Bluetooth Wireless LAN
IP Rating IP54
RFID Frequency UHF
Regional Compatibility US Only Canada Only Puerto Rico Only
Compliance TAA Compliant

Product Highlights

Zebra, RFD40, Premium, Standard Range Circular Polarized Antenna, UHF RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, Gun, No Imager, 7000mAh Battery, Midnight Black, US, Canada, & Puerto Rico Only, TAA Compliant

Frequently Bought Together

RFD40 UHF RFID Premium Plus Sled

Zebra is proud to announce two additions to the RFD40 product family. The new RFD40 UHF RFID Premium & Premium Plus Sleds provide a new dimension to Zebra’s RFID sled portfolio by providing an OS-agnostic platform that can add industry-leading RFID performance to virtually any computing device. Our customers want the ability to future-proof their investment and the RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus sleds build on the already robust RFD40 product family. The RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus models expand on the recently released RFD40 Standard sled by introducing an OS-agnostic platform that allows customers to invest in an RFID solution that will meet their IT and OS strategy today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. The RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus models come standard with Bluetooth® 5.3 for the ultimate device connectivity and industry-first integrated WiFi 6 for remote device management over-the-air (OTA). The RFD40 Premium Plus sled also includes an integrated barcode imager.

RFD40 UHF RFID Premium & Premium Plus Sleds Overview

The RFD40 Sleds are fully enabled to support Zebra’s current mobile computers as well as new mobile computers and 3rd party devices as they come out. In addition to supporting the latest and greatest Zebra mobile computers via eConnex™, the Premium & Premium Plus models also support Zebra mobile computers that do not possess eConnex technology, such as the TC51/52/56/57, and third-party devices such as iOS- and Android-based phones and tables via Bluetooth v5.3.

We’ve made pairing your mobile device to the RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus sleds easier than ever before. An NFC tag manufactured directly into the sled allows users to tap an NFC-enabled mobile device to the reader to initiate Bluetooth pairing. In addition to tap-to-pair, the RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus sleds also support other optical means for initiating a Bluetooth pair. Scan-to-connect allows a user with an RFD40 Premium Plus sled to scan a configuration barcode on the mobile device’s screen (or printed) to initiate pairing, while pair-by-camera allows users with either a Premium or Premium Plus sled to capture a QR code located on the sled’s manufacturing label with the mobile device’s camera to initiate pairing. This means that users no longer have to enter a Bluetooth settings menu to undertake the once-cumbersome pairing process.

OtterBox® uniVERSE Adaptor for RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus

We know that many of our customers have the need to connect other computing devices to our RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus sleds. That’s why we are introducing an adaptor for the RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus sleds that supports the mounting of mobile phones in an OtterBox® uniVERSE case. The OtterBox uniVERSE case system allows users to easily slide on and slide off a wide variety of iOS- and Android-based smartphones and tablets.

WiFi 6 for Remote Management

With the introduction of the RFD40 Premium & Premium Plus sled models comes a really unique, and unprecedented feature – the incorporation of WiFi into an RFID sled. With these new models, we are exposing API’s for remote management including firmware update, configuration management, device management, device health, and device status – customers can even make the sled beep and blink if they misplace it. All of these management tasks can be accomplished by using the IoT protocol-based interface, utilizing either REST or MQTT. MDM’s will also be able to integrate the RFD40 into their solution so customers can use one MDM solution for all of their compatible devices.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Industry Leading Read Rate: 1300+ tags per second
  • Read Range: 20+ feet / 6+ meters
  • Bluetooth v5.3 with BLE
  • Integrated WiFi 6 for remote management
  • Exclusive eConnex™-enabled, tool-free changeable adaptors for connection to supported Zebra mobile computers including TC21/26, EC50/55, and TC52ax (coming soon)
  • OtterBox uniVERSE case system adaptor for RFD40 Premium and Premium Plus Sleds
  • Tri-function, user programmable trigger
  • Quick release, 7000mAh battery with optional locking foot
  • 5-foot to concrete drop specification
  • 500 0.5 meter / 1.6 foot tumbles
  • IP54 sealing
  • USB-C port for connection to PCs and other hosts
  • Flexible charging cups support charging of sled by itself, mobile computer by itself, and combination of sled and mobile computer when connected together
  • Regulatory certification for 115+ countries worldwide
  • Support for 800MHz (-E8 SKU) and 900MHz (-WR SKU) bands in EMEA (where allowed)
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