WS5001-0F2J3020ENA - Zebra WS50 Android Wearable Computer

Zebra WS50 Android Wearable Computer

SKU: WS5001-0F2J3020ENA
Weight: 1 lbs.

Scanner Type 2D Area Imager
Scan Range Standard
Form Factor Phone-size
Interface Bluetooth USB Wireless LAN USB-A USB-C
IP Rating IP65
Durability Rugged
Operating System Android
User Input Touchscreen Function Buttons
Screen Resolution 460 x 460
Features Camera GMS Microphone Wearable
Regional Compatibility US Only Canada Only Puerto Rico Only

Product Highlights

Zebra WS50 Wearable Solution, Converged Scanner, Finger Mount, Android 11 AOSP, 1GB RAM/8GB Flash, SE4770 Imager, 1300mAh Battery, No Proximity Sensor, English, US, Canada, Puerto Rico.

Unparalleled Functionality and Flexibility in the World’s Smallest All-in-One Android Enterprise-Class Wearable Mobile Computer

Every task worker without mobile access to relevant information and the rest of your workforce is forced to take more steps and more time to complete tasks, eroding operational efficiency. Now, connecting your disconnected workers is easy with Zebra’s WS50 — the world’s smallest Android enterprise-class wearable mobile computer. It’s rugged, modular and at home everywhere — from manufacturing and warehousing to retail and hospitality. It’s versatile — this flexible computing core is modular, allowing you to choose the mount that’s right for the job: wrist, back of hand or two-finger. It’s small but mighty, packed with powerful business class voice and data features that drive productivity and accuracy into every task. It’s lightweight and ergonomic, comfortable and never in the way. And with no host device required, it’s the first of its kind, offering powerful data capture with single device simplicity.

Designed for Maximum Flexibility

True 'no-host' one-piece wearable

With the all-in-one WS50, workers only need to wear one device to capture and access data instead of a host mobile computer and ring scanner, providing a true converged wearable solution. And push-totalk (PTT) support eliminates the need for separate voice devices.

Wear it your way with modular mounting options

With three different wearing styles, the adaptable WS50 is ideal for virtually any task worker in practically any industry. The WS50 can be worn on a wrist, two fingers or the back of the hand.

All the Key Features of a Full-size Mobile Computer

Better connect your workforce with push-to-talk (PTT) and task management applications

All models are PTT ready, enabling managers and workers to instantly collaborate for faster issue resolution and increased staff productivity. All models also support task-management applications, enabling better staff utilization and management.

High-resolution camera for light barcode scanning and photo capture

A 13 MP camera in the wrist-mounted model supports occasional barcode scanning and can capture detailed photos to document proof of condition and more.

Advanced enterprise-class scanner for intense barcode scanning

The converged two-finger-and back-of-hand mount WS50 models include Zebra’s SE4770 imager, delivering superior data capture performance. Scan virtually any barcode in practically any condition, as fast as you can press the trigger — even if they are damaged or poorly printed. Superior motion tolerance enables the capture of barcodes, even if scanner and barcode are in motion. No need to depress the trigger for every scan — scan continuously with an optional integrated proximity sensor. A wide field of view makes it easy to capture large or multiple barcodes with split-second pointand-shoot simplicity. With a single trigger press, capture, properly format and transmit data on all barcodes on a label with Zebra’s Multi-Code Data Formatting

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