WT63B0-KS0QNENA - Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer

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Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer WT63B0-KS0QNENA
Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer WT63B0-KS0QNENA
Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer WT63B0-KS0QNENA
Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer WT63B0-KS0QNENA
Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer WT63B0-KS0QNENA
Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer WT63B0-KS0QNENA
Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer

Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer

Weight: 1 lbs.

Form Factor Full-size
Scanner Type No Scanner
Operating System Android
Interface Bluetooth Wireless LAN
RAM Memory 3 GB
Device Storage 32 GB
IP Rating IP65
Durability Rugged
User Input Alphanumeric Keypad Functional Keyboard
Screen Resolution 800 x 480
Features Touch Screen Wearable
Regional Compatibility US Only Canada Only Puerto Rico Only

Product Highlights

Wearable Terminal, Zebra WT6300, External Keypad, Touch Display, Android, WLAN, Standard Battery (3550 mAh), 3GB Ram/32GB Flash, US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Scanner Not Included in This Option

Frequently Bought Together

Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer

The Ultimate Industrial Wearable Computer for Hands-free Mobility

With explosion of E-commerce, picking and sorting have become full time jobs, not only in the warehouse, but in the retail store, where orders placed online need to be ready for pickup in as little as two hours. Empower your pickers and sorters to handle it all with the hands-free WT6300. Zebra WT6300 offers new features that take productivity and order accuracy to the next level. A new keypad option provides a familiar interface for manual keyed input. Get lightning fast application performance with more processing power, RAM and Flash memory. You get superior future proofing with Android 10, with a pathway to Android 11. It is rugged and ready for the toughest environments, including the freezer. Improved WiFi support delivers 'no-drop' dependable connections. Users get maximum Bluetooth peripheral performance and range with Bluetooth 5.0. Connect a Zebra Bluetooth ring scanner and HD4000 Head-Mounted Display for a complete solution. Plus, users can capture photos via a paired Zebra ring scanner to document proof of condition on-the-fly. Zebra WT6300 empowers your workers to keep pace with the E-commerce explosion.

Superior Ergonomics for All Day Hands-free Comfort

Zebra WT6300 is a dedicated wearable device built for maximum all-day comfort. It is one of the lightest devices in its class. Purpose built for wearability, It has a very low center of gravity, minimizing muscle effort and worker fatigue, unlike a handheld mobile computer placed into a wrist mount. And the best-in-class mounting system delivers unmatched comfort and eliminates pressure points, micro adjustability enables a perfect custom fit on virtually any arm, all with the simple turn of a knob.

Rugged and Ready for Everyday Use in Any Environment, Including the Freezer

Zebra WT6300 is dustproof, water-resistant and built to handle the inevitable everyday bumps and drops. Gorilla Glass delivers scratch and shatter resistance on the most crucial and vulnerable device component,the touchscreen display. It is the only device in its class rated for freezer use, with a battery rated for operation at -22° F/-30° C. And it is drop-tested across the entire temperature range — crucial in freezer environments, where plastics become very brittle.

Advanced Glove-Optimized Rugged Display

The display automatically detects gloves and adjusts touch sensitivity as needed. The display works even when wet. And workers can use the many gestures they already know, such as pinch-to-zoom and swipe.

Hot Swappable Powerful Batteries

Zebra WT6300 is the only wearable device in its class to offer an extended battery to power longer shifts. The standard and extended battery are hot swappable, allowing users to change batteries on-thefly, right in the middle of fulfilling an order, no need to power down or close applications. The PowerPrecision+ batteries provide metrics for better battery management. View battery metrics in the complimentary Mobility DNA PowerPrecision Console app to instantly spot and remove aging batteries that can no longer hold a full charge, before they impact user productivity

Backward compatibility with Zebra WT6000 accessories to Protect Investments and Ease Upgrades

Customers can upgrade from Zebra WT6000 to the next generation in wearable mobile computers and use any of their Zebra WT6000 accessories with Zebra WT6300, including batteries, cradles, ring scanners, cables and headsets.

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