MPACT-MB2001-25-ACC - Zebra Optional Mounting Cover Kits [MB2000, MB2001]

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Zebra Optional Mounting Cover Kits [MB2000, MB2001] MPACT-MB2001-25-ACC
Zebra Optional Mounting Cover Kits [MB2000, MB2001] MPACT-MB2001-25-ACC
Zebra Optional Mounting Cover Kits [MB2000, MB2001]

Zebra Optional Mounting Cover Kits [MB2000, MB2001]

Weight: 1 lbs.

Part Type Covers & Cases

Product Highlights

Zebra, a Box of 25 Optional Mounting Cover Kits (Wall Plate With Adhesive Tape and Front Cover) for Mpact MB2000 and MB2001 Beacons, Each Kit Mounts One Beacon, Beacons Not Included

Zebra Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Precision Tracking for Indoor Location Tracking

Compatible with: Apple®, Android™, Wi-Fi, BLE

Zebra Bluetooth Beacons and Bridges are quickly and easily deployed, available in multiple form factors and price points, and can be used for asset tracking and other location solutions.

The Freedom to Customize

Zebra Bluetooth Beacons are easy to configure and deploy. They give you the ability to easily implement the automatic tracking of resources and assets. Giving you real-time location data, Bluetooth Beacons give you the actionable insights you need to make your business more effective, competitive and profitable.

Low-Energy, Precise Visibility

Bluetooth Beacons use low-energy technology, and their operating modes are compatible with Bluetooth low-energy specifications to enhance location precision in dense industrial environments. They work with almost any type of Android or iOS mobile computer, smartphone, or custom device with a Bluetooth low-energy radio and Zebra software development kit or third-party application.

Optimized for a Complete Solution

Though they are compatible with third-party location solutions that follow the Bluetooth low-energy specification, Bluetooth Beacons have been optimized to work with Zebra’s MotionWorks™ location solutions and Zebra MotionWorks location solutions and other third-party data intelligence platforms. Together, these Zebra solutions maximize operational visibility, so you can gather critical information into how your business operates.

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