MC339U-GF4EG4US - Zebra MC3390xR Mobile Computer

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Zebra MC3390xR Mobile Computer MC339U-GF4EG4US
Zebra MC3390xR Mobile Computer MC339U-GF4EG4US
Zebra MC3390xR Mobile Computer

Zebra MC3390xR Mobile Computer

Weight: 2 lbs.

Form Factor Gun Style
Scanner Type 2D Area Imager
Form Factor Handheld
Scan Range Standard
Operating System Android
Interface Bluetooth USB NFC Wireless LAN Micro-USB
RAM Memory 4 GB
Device Storage 32 GB
IP Rating IP54
Durability Rugged
User Input 47-Key
Screen Resolution 800 x 480
Features GMS Extended Battery Microphone
RFID Frequency UHF

Product Highlights

Zebra /, MC339XR, UHF RFID, Linear Antenna, WLAN, Medium Range 2D Imager (SE4750), 47 Key, Extended Battery, Android GMS, 4GB RAM / 32GB ROM, FCC Bands
IP54 Rating
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Zebra MC3300xR UHF RFID Mobile Computer

Zebra is pleased to introduce the next evolution of their successful MC3300R family of integrated UHF RFID readers. The MC3330xR is packed with features to bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to inventory and asset management applications. You get the same proven lightweight ergonomic design and superior RFID read performance, now with Zebra's latest, most powerful and secure Android architecture. The ultra-powerful processor, integrated NFC reader and 35% larger capacity battery boost task speed and ease of use. IP64 dust proof sealing increases reliability. And you can create intuitive Android applications that use the MC3330xR's powerful computing platform, large touchscreen and physical keypad. The MC3330xR -the next evolution in handheld RFID readers.

You get the same proven fit-for-purpose ergonomic design, now with Zebra's latest, most powerful and secure Android architecture, including an extended range scanning option that captures barcodes on the top of your warehouse racks with ease, and a 35% larger capacity battery packs power for up to three shifts. All rugged specifications are higher for increased reliability - drop, tumble and sealing. Improve workforce productivity and efficiency from the manufacturing shop floor to the warehouse in your facility with the MC3300xR - only from Zebra.

The MC3300xR Series consists of 2 product models:
• MC3330xR with circular polarized antenna for bulk inventory applications and a standard range scan engine
• MC3390xR with long-range, linear polarized antenna for long-range RFID reading and locating, plus the option of either a standard range or extended range scan engine

Integrated NFC for simple, split-second pairing

With a quick tap, workers can pair the MC3300xR with Zebra’s family of ring scanners, mobile printers, and Bluetooth headsets -your pairing possibilities are endless.Additionally, enterprises can utilize NFC-enabled employee ID badges to allow workers to log into corporate applications with a tap of their badge.

Powerful Features To Boost Productivity

More rugged and ready for all-day business

You get reliable operation and peace of mind with an increased 6 ft./1.8 m drop specification across the operating temperature, triple the tumble specification (3,000 3.3 ft./1 m); and now IP64 dustproof sealing. With Corning Gorilla Glass on the touch panel and scan window, your investment will be protected from regular wear and tear.

Superior performance on all your voice and data apps

Power even the most demanding apps of today and tomorrow with the most powerful processor and most memory in this class — every model offers an ultra-powerful 2.2 GHz octa-core processor and 4 GB RAM/32 GB Flash.

Power three shifts with the class-leading 7000 mAh battery

The new 7000 mAh extended capacity battery is standard with every MC3300xR. More power means fewer battery changes, easier battery management, and a smaller battery pool with fewer batteries to purchase and manage, saving time and money on your deployment.

Maximum WiFi range and speed - with less power

2x2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology allows access points to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously via pinpoint beamforming, boosting WiFi network capacity, speed and range. And the processing is shifted from the mobile device to the access point, extending battery life.

The perfect combination: touchscreen and keypad

Whether your application requires touch or physical keypad input, we’ve got you covered. Your application can utilize the entire display, while the physical keypad provides the same familiar user input experience your workers have today. In addition, the touchscreen paves the way to migrate to intuitive touch-based interfaces. And with three different options, you can choose the right keypad for your data entry needs — alphanumeric, numeric and functional numeric.

Bluetooth 5.0 - twice the speed, four times the range, less power

Speeds up to 2 Mbps improve the performance of Bluetooth peripherals, such as ring scanners, printers and headsets. The result? Faster application response times, faster printing and better voice quality. And battery runtime is also extended, since Bluetooth Low Energy reduces power consumption.