Z1BE-ZQ6H-3C0 - Zebra OneCare Essential - ZQ600 HC
Zebra OneCare Essential - ZQ600 HC Z1BE-ZQ6H-3C0
Zebra OneCare Essential - ZQ600 HC Z1BE-ZQ6H-3C0
Zebra OneCare Essential - ZQ600 HC

Zebra OneCare Essential - ZQ600 HC

Weight: 0 lbs.

Coverage Activation Purchased After 30 Days
Coverage Length 3 Year
Coverage Type Comprehensive
OneCare Level Essential
Printer Zebra ZQ610HC Zebra ZQ620HC

Product Highlights

Warranty, Zebra OneCare, Essential, Purchased After 30 Days Of Printer, ZQ600 Heathcare, 3 Years, Comprehensive

Zebra OneCare Essential


Every day, your Zebra products help you improve overall operational efficiency and accuracy, drive down the cost of doing business and increase workforce productivity. As a result, availability of these products is key to the success of your business and the return on your Zebra investment. Now, you can ensure that your Zebra mobile computing and RFID devices and barcode scanners achieve maximum uptime and peak performance with Zebra OneCare services. You get unmatched support, right from the manufacturer — from experts that offer unparalleled product knowledge. With three service levels to choose from — Essential, Select and Premier — you’ll find a Zebra OneCare offering that will meet your service requirements and your budget. And with global coverage, we’re ready to meet your support needs, no matter where in the world your business is located.

Zebra OneCare Essential

Zebra OneCare Essential service is our foundational service offering, with comprehensive coverage, technical support during your local business hours and 3-day turnaround time on repairs. Included for our mobile computers is our unique Device Diagnostic service that will detect WLAN connectivity, memory and battery issues to help triage problems without leaving the hands of the user, preserving productivity. Included in Zebra OneCare Essential is the Repair Service Dashboard, a web-based tool that enables a series of reports that analyze repair status for products under contract.

MSRP: $360.00
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