WFCPTTE-EXPS-T3-PRD - Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Express Tier 3 License

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Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Express Tier 3 License WFCPTTE-EXPS-T3-PRD
Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Express Tier 3 License WFCPTTE-EXPS-T3-PRD
Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Express Tier 3 License

Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Express Tier 3 License

Weight: 0 lbs.

Software Version Full Version
Software Users Single User
Software Type Cloud-Based
Lead Time 5 - 8 Business Days

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Workforce Connect PTT Express, Production License, Pricing Tier 3, Single Device License, Minimum Order Quantity of 25,000 Licenses, Perpetual License, Separate Manage Service Quote and Agreement required for Software Support and Tech Support

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5 - 8 Business Days Lead Time
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Single User

Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Express

Improve task management, productivity, and customer service with cost-effective PTT voice inside the four walls

PTT Express allows enterprises to quickly and easily add secure push-to-talk (PTT) communications to a wide variety of Zebra devices, creating a powerful, instant voice connection between your workers – without requiring the purchase of new devices or network/telephone infrastructure. With PTT Express, workers can initiate a broadcast PTT call, and call recipients can respond either to the entire group – or only to the original caller via the private response key.

Easy to Deploy and Cost-Effective

This PTT solution is extraordinarily easy to implement – there is no server or PBX integration required. Once the PTT Express software license has been enabled on compatible Zebra devices, your workers will enjoy the instant accessibility that PTT communications deliver. The PTT Express client is also easy to deploy – you can use either ActiveSync or Zebra's mobile device management solutions.

Get the Most Out of Your Existing Technology Investments

PTT Express allows you to more fully leverage your existing technology investments, improving the return on investment (ROI) for your Zebra mobile computers, wireless LAN (WLAN) and two-way radio systems. The PTT Express client is a standard feature on many of Zebra's voice-capable mobile computers, including EWB100 push-to-talk communicators and SB1 smart badges. The PTT Express client is also downloadable for compatible existing devices. In addition, Radio Link Express enables PTT between Zebra mobile computers and two-way radios – completely different types of devices – allowing you to give different work groups different devices, yet still enable crucial communications between workers.

Group Broadcast

Provides instant voice communication to users on one of 32 supported talk groups with the push of a button.

Private Response (1-to-1)

Enables direct and private reply communications between co-workers and managers.

802.11 a/b/g/n

Works with virtually any WLAN, eliminating the need to purchase, deploy, and manage additional network infrastructure.

Flexible Secure Model: Open, WEP, and WPA-TKIP-PSK

Allows the enterprise to select the appropriate level of security. Intuitive and easy to use. Virtually eliminates training costs – ideal in work groups with high turnover rates.