VMU7-0010 - AML Firebird Vehicle Mount Computer [Landscape]

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AML Firebird Vehicle Mount Computer [Landscape]

SKU: VMU7-0010
Weight: 1 lbs.

Form Factor Kiosks Vehicle Mount
Scanner Type 2D Area Imager
Scan Range Standard
Operating System Android
Interface Power Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth USB Ethernet Headset Jack 3.5mm Wireless LAN USB-C
RAM Memory 2 GB
Device Storage 32 GB
User Input Touchscreen
Screen Resolution 1280 x 720
Features Touch Screen

Product Highlights

Aml, Firebird VMU, Landscape, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Compatible with AML wearable scanners: AML WSC-1600 and AML WSC-2700.

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AML Firebird Vehicle Mount Computer

Increase Forklift Driver Efficiency with Vehicle Mounted Computers

The key to productivity on a forklift, or motorized pallet jack, is giving the operator all of the mobility tools they need to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. Whether the task is put-away, picking, shipping, or replenishment, mobile devices are a necessary tool. Historically, vehicle-mounted devices have been oversized and over-priced. Devices designed to provide a “full desktop” view of an application were big, bulky, and priced well above the cost of handheld devices. To make matters worse, they create a safety hazard because they impact the field of view of the operator.

AML’s Firebird Vehicle Mounted Computer changes all that. It’s the right-sized, right-priced forklift device for today’s distribution environments that rely heavily on mobile computers for inventory management. The 7” touchscreen works perfectly with native Android applications or contemporary terminal emulation clients, and our AppLync browser connects operators to secure websites and keeps them there.

Forklift Computers and Driver Safety

The Firebird’s overall size eliminates concerns about the operator’s field of vision being impaired. When mounted in the portrait orientation, the Firebird VMU offers a field of view up to 30% wider than competitive devices. Safety first, for the driver and anything in their path. The Firebird VMU can be easily mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation to virtually any forklift or motorized pallet jack using commercially available mounting accessories.

Scanning Barcodes While Operating a Forklift

Scan barcodes with the Firebird VMU using either tethered (USB) or Bluetooth connected scanners. Both can be easily stored on the forklift using mobile cradles. A USB scanner can draw power from the VMU while a Bluetooth scanner requires independent charging.

Mobile Device Management for VMUs

Like all AML products made in the USA, Firebird VMU comes equipped with preloaded applications, such as AML Setup for easy setup and deployment as well as optional software such as our AML Device Manager, the perfect tool for deploying and maintaining multiple devices and/or multiple locations. For IT Managers and support staff, AML Device Manager is a “must-have” for remotely managing handheld computers and vehicle mounted devices, especially if they are tasked with supporting devices deployed over multiple locations. AML Device Manager is a proprietary Mobile Device Management application, developed specifically for remote support and management of AML devices.

AML’s vehicle mounted computer provides all the tools a forklift operator needs to complete tasks efficiently while driving safely. It aids with put-away, picking, shipping, barcode scanning, and replenishment. At just 7”, its compact size eliminates concerns about vision impairment. Manage devices easily with applications suitable for both Android devices and terminal emulation clients.