T55467IO - ARMOR Inkanto 1.5 x 308ft Wax Ribbons

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ARMOR Inkanto 1.5 x 308ft Wax Ribbons T55467IO
ARMOR Inkanto 1.5 x 308ft Wax Ribbons T55467IO
ARMOR Inkanto 1.5 x 308ft Wax Ribbons

ARMOR Inkanto 1.5 x 308ft Wax Ribbons

SKU: T55467IO
Weight: 3.14 lbs.

Ribbon Formula Standard Wax
Width (inches) 1.50 inch
Length (feet) 308'
Color Black
Order Quantity Per Case

Product Highlights

ARMOR Inkanto, 1.5 Inch x 308 Foot, AWR 8, Standard Wax, RL PAX9401/2/6, Black Color, 24 Rolls Per Case, Priced Per Case

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Wax Ribbon

Armor Inkanto Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Ribbons From the Leader

Enjoy Complete Peace of Mind Using the Brand of the Worlds Leading TTR Manufacturer

  • 35 years' experience in developing Thermal Transfer ribbons
  • Long-term investments to benefit the future of this technology
  • Ribbons made to the highest quality and environmental standards
  • Ribbon performances tested on all types of Thermal Transfer printers
  • All ribbons are 100% designed and manufactured by ARMOR
  • Supporting a responsible identification which cares about consumer health and safety

Wax / Wax-resin / Resin

A Range Tailored for All Your Printing Needs

  • The most comprehensive Thermal Transfer ribbon range in the market
  • Competitive ribbons to cover the most price sensitive applications
  • Standard ribbons that offer the widest scope of performances
  • High-performance specialty products for the most stringent requirements
  • Roll families are identified by colour codes, reducing sometimes costly ribbon identification errors
  • A full range of colour ribbons is also available

Unparalleled quality

Industrial perfection from raw materials' selection up to the final packaging

  • Ribbons made with the finest components: PET base film, chemical components, colour pigments, ribbon cardboard cores, decorative leader, packaging
  • Ribbons slit with sharp blades to ensure a neat finishing and no dust residue
  • 70% of inkanto ribbons are slit with robotized machines to guarantee quality consistency
  • Each ribbon is wound with a specific tension adapted to the ink grade ensuring an optimal functionality and good aging
  • A total of 23 certifications delivered to ARMOR production sites for Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Management Systems

Free cleaning wipe

Each box of inkanto ribbons contains a print-head cleaning wipe

  • Maximize the print performance of your print-head
  • Reduce the risks of poor print results
  • Cleaning the print-head is the first corrective action to take when the print result is unsatisfactory
  • Easy to use by any personnel, the cleaning wipe is attached to a simple user guide

Certificate of Conformity

An inkanto ribbon has nothing to hide, you get all quality data with it

  • An online Certificate of Conformity for each ribbon accessible with the QR code on each box and ribbon label
  • Read it, download it or print it, it is very easy
  • Contains all product information (product description, certifications and printer compatibilities)
  • A simple online form to report any technical issue or question

Ribbon certifications

inkanto ribbons fulfil safety and industry specific requirements

  • Certifications and approvals covering inkanto ribbons help you meet the requirements of very demanding applications and environmental concerns
  • inkanto ribbons can meet the following certifications: Food Contact Europe and USA, Heavy metals, Halogens, REACH, California Proposition 65, UL 969, Drug Master File, BS5609, and many others
  • Your industry specific regulations will be investigated

Lifetime guarantee

Risk free ribbons allow you to focus on your business fundamentals

  • inkanto ribbons are guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect
  • The guarantee is included on the products and their documentations so that your operators are fully aware
  • Storage conditions and handling instructions appear on the box


An inkanto ribbon is easy to use: all important information is clearly visible

  • inkanto ribbon families are identified by colour codes helping to reduce the possibility of errors
  • Very legible labels on the box and ribbon to highlight the important information about the product:
  • Storage conditions and handling instructions appear on the box
  • Dimensions
  • Code 128 for the part number
  • Traceability information
  • Production date

Make a safe choice

You can easily see and test inkanto ribbon performances

  • Make your first opinion with the real printed labels visible on each inkanto product datasheet
  • You can use the inkanto ribbon sample offer to validate your choice
  • Each inkanto ribbon is available in individual sample boxes: providing the opportunity to test in your own environment
  • Ribbon samples are made with the same care and same identification details as standard inkanto ribbons: you won’t be disappointed
  • Each sample box shows the product data for easy ordering
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