A1000ACBU0001 - CipherLab 1000A Scanner

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CipherLab 1000A Scanner A1000ACBU0001
CipherLab 1000A Scanner A1000ACBU0001
CipherLab 1000A Scanner

CipherLab 1000A Scanner

SKU: A1000ACBU0001
Weight: 0.75 lbs.

Scanner Type 1D Linear Imager CCD
Scan Range Contact
Interface USB

Product Highlights

CipherLab 1000A Scanner, CCD Contact Scanner, USB (HID), Black, Corded - Replaces A1000RSC00101

1D Barcodes

CipherLab 1000A Corded Scanner

CipherLab delivers an easy-to-use and reliable 1000A linear imaging scanner built with optimal performance well suited at the POS (point-of-sale) applications in small business. Built with high performance optical architecture, 1000A provides optimal scanning accuracy with the scanning depth of field at 12 cm. Users can easily read barcodes that are clustered together or can read a wide barcode up to 15 cm which is commonly seen on a bill, identity card or driving license. With scanning rate up to 200 scans per second, 1000A helps users to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. 1000A is in compliance with OPOS standard which makes it simple and easy to integrate with any existing POS system.

Enhanced Depth of Field Ranges from Wide to Tiny

CipherLab’s 1000A scanner instantly enhances your scanning capabilities with its optimal scanning efficiency and accuracy. Its 12 cm depth of field scanning on barcodes allows users to freely focus the reader from contact mode or at a distance of 12 cm. No matter if you need to read barcodes that are clustered together or barcodes that are too wide, the 1000A’s enhanced depth of field has got you covered. Additionally, the 1000A can read high density barcodes up to 3 mil on limited space, which supports even the tiniest barcodes commonly found on jewelry or electronics.

User-Friendly Design with Swift Scanning Capabilities

Coming in ivory or black in color, CipherLab’s 1000A has a design that is smooth and practical. It is built with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and a rubber boot which makes the grip comfortable and able to withstand long periods of operation. With the operation being comfy, your business can push its productivity to the max with 1000A’s speedy scanning. It has the ability to scan up to 200 scans per second. In addition, 1000A’s ability to read low contrast barcodes ensures your speedy operational process won’t be decelerated by poorly printed or damaged barcodes.

Affordability Built with Reliable Performance and Warranty

Built with no moving parts, CipherLab’s 1000A limits any complication in its performance while keeping power consumption low. It includes the useful ScanMaster software which allows easy configuration. Its affordable pricing coupled with its ability to satisfy a wide range of applications will give users the most bang for one’s buck. Furthermore, the 1000A’s reliability is backed with CipherLab’s 5-year warranty as a gesture of confidence to ensure long-lasting operations.

MSRP: $73.00
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