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Magellan 3410VSi

The Magellan 3410VSi series of scanners continue the Datalogic tradition of high performance imaging for the point of sale. With the same cables, mounts and exterior plastics as the Magellan 3450VSi, the 3410VSi scanner is easy to integrate into existing installations. The new electronics platform allows the M3410VSi to power from a single 5V USB connection, providing outstanding performance and easy connection to any POS system. With a large field of view and the capabilities of imaging, the 3410VSi scanners provide outstanding performance on hard-to-read bar codes and seamless reading of a wide variety of bar codes. This Magellan scanner enables both high speed sweep and presentation scanning techniques, ensuring maximum productivity and ergonomic ease, even with truncated (shortened), out-of-spec or poorly printed codes.

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