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Epson ColorWorks C6000 Label Printer

The new Epson ColorWorks C6000 Series label printers, engineered for demanding applications, revolutionizes both monochrome and color label printing with rugged reliability you can count on. The C6000 delivers dependable, commercial inkjet printing with fast-drying, durable color inks and enhanced productivity, while offering cost and inventory reduction compared to using pre-printed labels. Epson is expanding its range of on-demand color label printing with the introduction of ColorWorks C6000 series printers with matte black inks.  The result of Epson proprietary ink innovations, this new matte black in creates crisp, sharp black text and images on matte label media.  Both the gloss black and matte black inks are highly durable, pigment-based inks and have been BS5609 certified.  However, the matte black ink offers a darker black on matte media and a richer image on plain media, while the gloss black ink is able to print on a wider variety of substrates.  The same cyan, magenta, and yellow inks provide color with either black ink.  The primary difference is the size of the pigment particles, and once a printer is set up to use one, it is keyed for that black ink and cannot be changed. Therefore, it is very important to decide upfront which printer model and ink is most suitable.  For further details, please read Epson C6000 Series Ink Description.

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