5976086 - Cab S1000-220 Applicator

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Cab S1000-220 Applicator 5976086
Cab S1000-220 Applicator 5976086
Cab S1000-220 Applicator

Cab S1000-220 Applicator

SKU: 5976086
Weight: 45 lbs.

Part Type Applicator

Product Highlights

CAB, S1000-220 Applicator Only, Cylinder Stroke 8.6 inch (220mm), Pad Stroke Below Device 2.5 inch (64mm), Required for Mounting On a Cab SQUIX Peel-Off Printer Provides a Cost-Effective Solution if Operated Semi-Automatically or Integrated in Vertical Orientation in Production Lines

This CAB Product May Have a Lead Time. Contact Us to Check Availability in Advance, or to Discuss Your Cab Printer Project.

CAB S1000 Applicator - Labeling in real time

A S1000 assembled to a CAB SQUIX peel-off printer provides a cost-effective solution if operated semi-automatically or integrated in vertical orientation in production lines. A stroke cylinder applies the labels to products.

Long service life. The ball bearing guide bars are low-wear.

Products of different heights can be labeled by means of a stroke cylinder. Various stroke lengths are provided.

Compressed air regulation unit. Micro filters prevent from contamination. Regulating the pressure ensures a permanent good labeling quality.

Highly-reliable processes. The supporting air, intake air and stroke speed may be adapted. If sensitive products and packaging are in use, the pressing force can be reduced to less than 10N (2.2 lbs). To prevent intake ducts from contamination, they get purged after any labeling.

Label sizes. Labels 1 inch to 7 inches wide and 1 inch to 7.8 inches high can be applied.

Supporting air to blow labels onto a pad

Pad. Labels are transferred to a pad and held there by vacuum. They move towards a product uby means of a stroke cylinder.

Pre-dispense button to verify a labeling process. By pushing the button once, a label is printed and transferred to the applicator. By pushing the button once more, labeling is triggered.

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