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MTI MT-262013

MT-262013/TRH/A/K 7x7 inch High-Sensitivity Circularly Polarized RFID Antenna - FCC

The MT-262013/TRH/A/K is a high-sensitivity circularly polarized outdoor RFID Antenna from MTI measures in at only 7x7 inches. This unit operates at 7.5 dBic gain, covers 72 x 77 degrees beamwidth, and is an excellent choice when high read-rates are essential, and the antenna is needed for passive UHF RFID applications in the FCC band of 902-928 Mhz. The antenna carries an IP67 rating, is well suited for outdoor installations such as parking gates, overhead race timing trusses, and distribution center yards. It comes with a fixed RPTNC-Female Connector on the back plate, and has 4 threaded mounting studs. This unit is an upgrade to the MT-262024/TRH/A/K

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  • MTI MT-262013 RFID Antenna

    ( SKU: MT-262013-TRH-A-K )

    Region US
    Environment Indoor/Outdoor
    Gain 7 dBiC
    Polarization Right Circular
    Read Range Far Field
    RFID Frequency UHF