RBDM-155/490/758-17-S-B - RFMAX Low Profile Tri-Band Antenna

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RFMAX Low Profile Tri-Band Antenna RBDM-155/490/758-17-S-B
RFMAX Low Profile Tri-Band Antenna RBDM-155/490/758-17-S-B
RFMAX Low Profile Tri-Band Antenna

RFMAX Low Profile Tri-Band Antenna

SKU: RBDM-155/490/758-17-S-B
Weight: 1.16 lbs.

Part Type Antenna
Environment Indoor/Outdoor

Product Highlights

RFMAX Low profile Tri-Band Antenna For Motorola APX8500 T-Band P25 Radio MNF# RBDM15549075817SB

RFMAX Multi Band "Brick" Antennas

RFMAX, a leader in professional-grade antenna design and production, brings you a breakthrough in wireless connectivity. RFMAX Multi Band Brick Antennas exemplify RFMAX commitment to excellence. With high performance and ultra-rugged construction, they meet the demands of commercial and industrial clients. Not only do they deliver exceptional signal strength and coverage, but their aesthetically neutral design seamlessly integrates into any environment. Pair them with RFMAX premium coaxial cables for an unbeatable wireless solution. Trust RFMAX for cutting-edge technology that's priced right.

The RFMAX low profile antenna # RBDM-155/490/758-17-S-B is the first of it's kind! A true "low-profile" roof mounted antenna with Tri-band capability to support VHF, UHF and 700/800 Mhz P25 radio communication.  This antenna was specifically designed to work with the Motorola APX8500™ All-Band P25 mobile police radio. It's also fully compatible with the L3-Harris Unity XG-100M™.   

  • Less than 4 inches tall.  8 inches long. 3.5 inches wide.
  • Fits ALL vehicles (use RBDM Gasket for Ford Explorer) including Chevy Tahoe and Dodge Durango
  • VHF: 153-157 MHz
  • UHF: 470-510 MHz
  • P25: 750-870 MHz
  • 100 Watts Max Power
  • Contact us for more info

Using This Antenna For Ford Explorer / Interceptor? Add This Gasket RBDMGASKET


    SKU RBDM15549075817SB
    Manufacturer Part Number RBDM-155/490/758-17-S-B
    Manufacturer RFMAX
    Antenna Category Tri-band (VHF-UHF-700/800 MHz)
    Working Frequency VHF:153-157 MHz
    Gain VHF: -1 dBi
    Working Frequency 2 UHF: 470-510 MHz
    Gain 2 UHF: 1.4 dBi
    Working Frequency 3 P25: 700/800: 750-870 MHz
    Gain 3 P25 700/800: 2.7 dBi
    Antenna Style "Brick" Multi-Element Antenna
    Bands Multi
    Directional or Omni Omnidirectional
    Impedance 50 Ohms
    Max Input Power (W) 100 Watts
    VSWR: < X: 1 VHF: 3.5:1 at 153-157 MHz. UHF: 2:1 at 470-510 MHz. P25: 2:1 at 750-870 MHz
    Height/Length (inches) 3.78 inches tall
    Thickness/Diameter (inches) Length: 8 inches. Width at base: 3.5 inches.
    Weight (lbs) 1.16 lbs.
    Material UV Stable Plastic Antenna & Rubber Gasket
    Operating Temp (celsius) -40 to +85 C
    Color Black
    Connector 1 17 foot coax with SMA (QMA, Mini UHF and TNC adapters included)
    IP Rating IP67
    OK for Outdoor Use Yes
    Vehicular Yes
    Ground Plane Required Yes-Mount on Metal Roof
    Product Condition New

    This antenna is equivalent to the Motorola AN000131A01 all-band antenna and operates over 153-157MHz for VHF, 470-510 MHz for UHF & 750-870MHz for P25. These antennas are stud mounted, thru-the-roof for maximum performance (not NMO) and include 17 feet of low loss cable, pre-installed. This antenna sits BELOW THE LIGHT BAR so it is not affected by parking garages or low hanging branches and DOES NOT need to come off in the car wash. This antenna mounts to ANY public safety vehicle, including Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Charger or Durango, Ford Explorer PIU. (Ford Explorer gasket sold separately RBDMGASKET)
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