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RFMAX Yagi Antennas

RFMAX Yagi antennas, also known as Yagi-Uda antennas, are a type of directional antenna widely used in wireless communication systems. Yagi antennas consist of a driven element, typically a dipole or folded dipole, along with one or more parasitic elements, such as reflectors and directors. The design of Yagi antennas allows them to focus their radiated energy in a specific direction, providing high gain and increased signal strength in that direction while attenuating signals from other directions. This directional characteristic makes Yagi antennas ideal for point-to-point communication or receiving signals from a specific transmitter. RFMAX designs, produces, and brings to market professional grade antennas and coaxial cables for commercial & industrial clients. Their antennas and cables are high performance, ultra rugged, aesthetically neutral, and priced right.

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