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Freezer Adhesive Labels

Labels for Frozen Temperatures

Many normal label adhesives will fail at temperatures below 32°F. Freezer adhesive labels can be applied in temperatures at or above -15°F, and will stay attached in temperatures ranging from -65°F to 120°F. This endurance makes them crucial for products like ice cream or other items that need to be stored in a freezer or cryogenic setting.

Thermal Transfer Freezer Adhesive Labels and Ribbons

If you’re using thermal transfer labels, it’s important to choose a thermal ribbon that can work in cold environments. A premium-grade wax ribbon is recommended for paper, while a wax/resin or full resin ribbon is vital for synthetic labels with freezer adhesive. If you're unsure about what works best, we can ship free test samples for your application.

What's Available?

Many of our stock labels are standard freezer adhesive. Our freezer-adhesive labels are available in paper and synthetic, with both direct thermal and thermal transfer print. All variants come with a top coating to resist condensation.

Helpful Tips
  • Keep products clean and free of oil, dust and residue
  • Products and boxes must be dry
  • Store labels at room temperature
  • Avoid letting labels sit in cold temperatures while applying label in small batches
  • Do not apply directly to frosted products

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