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Zebra RFD9090 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sleds

Today’s manufacturing, transportation and logistics operations are under pressure to deliver higher volumes at greater speeds, while struggling with unpredictable supply chains and labor pools. Fast, accurate RFID solutions can make a critical difference—now even in the most demanding environments. Zebra’s RFD9090 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sleds are built for harsh conditions, tested for 6-foot (1.8-meter) drops to concrete and sealed to industrial-grade dual IP65 and IP67 ratings. The long-range RFD9090 Sled provides industry-leading read rates of 1,300 tags per second, an ultra-accurate item-finder mode, a tri-function userprogrammable trigger and Wi-Fi 6 capability for easy device management. Changeable eConnex™ adaptors and charging cradles support rugged Zebra mobile computers, while integrated Bluetooth® 5.3 connectivity supports third-party smartphones.

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