ALN-9629-FWRW-TST - Alien Square Inlay

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Alien Square Inlay ALN-9629-FWRW-TST
Alien Square Inlay ALN-9629-FWRW-TST
Alien Square Inlay

Alien Square Inlay

Weight: 2 lbs.

Integrated Circuit Higgs-3
RFID Frequency UHF

Product Highlights

Alien, Square, RFID Tag, Gen 2, Higgs 3, White, Wet Inlay, Test Roll, 1000 Tags Per Roll, Priced Per Roll

Alien Inlays

Alien Squiggle Inlay

ALN-9640 / ALN-9740 / ALN-9840

ALN-9640 "Squiggle®" - Higgs®-3

For Squiggle applications that demand more on-tag storage of up to 800 NVAM bits. This enables storage of data for the purpose of avoiding additional network access that would otherwise be required for data retrieval.

ALN-9740 "Squiggle®" - Higgs®-4

For Squiggle applications that demand the most optimized solution for high-volume applications or other Higgs 4 advantages. Higgs 4 Squiggle offers BlastWrite mass-encoding for programming multiple tags at the same time, QuickWrite for writing a complete memory bank in one command and ultimate write-sensitivity which together provide the fastest mass-market tag encoding solution. Higgs 4 is provided pre-programmed with the ultimate enterprise-wide serialization scheme which enables efficient distributed mass-encoding of tags.

ALN-9840 "Squiggle®" - Higgs®-EC

Squiggle inlays are now enhanced with the reliability, robustness and readability of the new Higgs-EC IC along with all the capabilities and features of the Higgs-4 version. The Sentinel Memory within the Higgs-EC is a unique error-correcting architecture that fixes single bit errors and detects rare dual bit issues. The Higgs-EC supports over 200,000 write cycle capability, two times that of other devices on the market today. Lastly, Squiggle tags with Higgs-EC have best-in-class read and write larger sensitivity that allows larger read and write distances to be achieved and more rapid reading and encoding.

Features Benefits


  • One of the most widely-used general-purpose tags. Large memory version (Higgs3) or optimized memory version (Higgs4).
  • One of the best performing general-purpose tags on the market, now with next generation Higgs® performance.
  • Designed to work well in challenging dielectric environments.


  • Well-proven design for a broad range of worldwide applications. Large 800 bit memory or optimized 448 bit memory footprint for volume and enterprise applications.
  • Optimized for high performance in all world regions. Higgs® 4 further enhances read and write sensitivity.
  • A very robust general purpose tag.


  • Robust, proven, and reliable. Designed to drive down the cost-of-ownership while increasing efficiencies of RFID solutions in large enterprises.
  • Trusted performance now even further enhanced, enabling robust encoding and reading, even in challenging conditions.
  • Reliable in challenging environments.