DMR-3x6 - Barcodefactory 3x6.25 Defective Material Tag [2–Part]

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Barcodefactory 3x6.25 Defective Material Tag [2–Part] DMR-3x6
Barcodefactory 3x6.25 Defective Material Tag [2–Part] DMR-3x6
Barcodefactory 3x6.25 Defective Material Tag [2–Part]

Barcodefactory 3x6.25 Defective Material Tag [2–Part]

SKU: DMR-3x6
Weight: 2 lbs.

Material Type Paper Tags
Width (inches) 3.00 inch
Length (inches) 6.25 inch
Format Type Pack
Labels Down 1 Label Down
Style Hang Tags
Color White
Color Sheen Matte
Tags Per Pack 100
Cost Per Tag $0.22300

Product Highlights

Barcodefactory 2 Part Tag Defective Material Tag, 3” x 6.25”, includes .5” Tear Off Stub part 1 only. Punch hole on part 1 and part 2. Carbon Interleaved, Part 1 20# Bond, White, Part 2 100# Tag Bright Orange Background Color. Black imprint parts 1 and 2. Shrink Wrapped In Packs of 100. Used to Track Defects in Manufacturing Environment. Other Custom Options Available, Priced per Pack

BarcodeFactory Defective Material Tag

A Defective Material Tag, often referred to as a DMT, is a critical tool in quality control and inventory management. These tags are used to identify and mark materials or products that do not meet the required quality standards. They serve several essential purposes:

  1. Identification: DMTs clearly mark defective items, making it easy for employees to spot and separate them from the rest of the inventory. This prevents the inadvertent use of subpar materials in manufacturing processes.
  2. Traceability: Each tag typically contains vital information such as the nature of the defect, date of identification, and responsible personnel. This data helps in tracing the source of defects and identifying areas for improvement in the production process.
  3. Quality Control: By flagging defective materials, DMTs aid in maintaining product quality. They serve as a reminder to investigate the root cause of defects and take corrective actions to prevent recurrences.
  4. Inventory Management: Defective materials occupy valuable storage space and can lead to confusion if not properly marked. DMTs help in keeping the inventory organized and efficient.
  5. Compliance: In industries with strict quality control standards, using DMTs is often a regulatory requirement. Failing to tag and manage defective materials can lead to compliance issues and penalties.

To create an effective Defective Material Tag, it should be durable, easily attached to the defective item, and prominently display essential information. Companies often use color-coding and standardized formats to streamline the tagging process. Regular training ensures that employees understand the significance of these tags and how to use them effectively. Contact us to order Custom Multipart Tags.

In summary, Defective Material Tags play a crucial role in maintaining product quality, facilitating efficient inventory management, and ensuring compliance with quality control standards. They are a simple yet indispensable tool for businesses that prioritize quality and want to minimize waste in their production processes.

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