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Barcode Placard Signs

Long-Range Retro-reflective Barcode Label Signs

Warehouse Managers looking to identify warehouse areas, and rack rows, rely on LARGE barcodes printed on retro-reflective material. These labels can be mounted on racks or on rigid plastic to hang from bin locations. Long-range industrial scanners are able to read these barcodes for up to 60 feet. The contrast of thermal printed black barcodes against the micro-particles in the reflective material, guarantee accurate reads every time.

Barcode Factory offers blank retro-reflective labels for you to print on in a wide variety of sizes, or we can print your data and provide finished as a label or mounted to rigid plastic, ready to install.

Multiple Sizes

Retro-reflective placard sizes can range from small to very large. The larger the barcode the longer the scan range. Mid-size placards can be placed on racking to identify each bay. Their high reflectivity allows scanning that increases your workers' productivity.

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